Ireland’s Solar Specialists

Photovoltaic Solar Energy From Power Capital
gives you independence from rising electricity costs.
Saving you money while helping reduce carbon emissions.

  • More than ever farmers and landowners are diversifying their income streams and ground mounted solar photovoltaic (PV) projects offer this opportunity.
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  • Boost fiscal performance, create local jobs and help build a cleaner future. Power Capital offer clean, more affordable energy to the Public Sector.
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  • Commercial self-consumption pays off: With Power Capital options you use self-generated solar power efficiently and can therefore reduce operating costs.
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Clean Solar Power Made Easy

The solar revolution has now come to Ireland;
at Power Capital we're ready to harness the power of the sun.
Our solar energy solutions contribute to a cleaner planet in a cost effective way


Solar Energy

Electricity prices in Ireland have risen by nearly 100% in the last 10 years. (Source Central Statistics Office) Power Capital is offering commercial users the opportunity to receive a percentage of their base load through Solar Photovoltaic (PV) installations located on their properties.

Solar Energy

More than ever farmers and landowners are diversifying their income streams and ground mounted solar photovoltaic. Power Capital’s ground mounted PV projects are installed alongside the existing business with local biodiversity in mind.

Public Sector
Solar Energy

More than ever public sector bodies are under pressure to take control of rising energy costs and Power Capital’s innovative financing options deliver efficient, affordable renewable energy.

Solar Systems for
the Irish market

PowerCapital renewable energy is an Irish based firm specialising in the photovoltaic solar market.

Commercial PV Systems

Companies operating in Ireland today are implementing a sustainable approach to their energy use and most have adopted carbon emission reduction targets. The concept of being carbon neutral has created awareness amongst consumers who have a positive opinion towards companies with a sustainable energy policy.

Renewable Sustainable

Because we can’t continue to rely on fossil fuels, the need for solar energy is growing and growing.

Custom Solar Solutions

Controlling your energy costs is just the start. We can be a big part of your corporate sustainability initiative and help you put together a plan to reduce your operating expenses and CO2 emissions.

PV Systems

PV modules gather sunlight to produce direct current, which the inverter converts to alternating current and is used directly in the home. Environmentally friendly and inexpensive: The power produced on your own roof is used directly in your home. You can clean, do laundry, light your home or surf the Internet using the power of the sun.

Clean Affordable Energy

“I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power!” Thomas Edison.

Solar Power Plants

Power Capital focuses on delivering specialist energy investments, which are non correlated to traditional asset classes such as equities and bonds. To date we have developed 8.4MW of operational PV plants in Germany with significant development interests in Poland, Italy and South Africa.

Latest Projects

  • Beaulieu Solar PV Project

    5 MWp Ground Mounted PV system Beaulieu PV is a project under development on the Beaulieu House Estate in Drogheda,

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  • Loughgerald Solar PV Project

    5 MWp Ground Mounted PV system Loughgerald PV is a project under development in Monfin, Co. Wexford.

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  • Painestown Hill Solar PV Project

    12.5 MWp Ground Mounted PV system Painestown Hill PV is a project under development in Kilbrew, Co. Meath.

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