Power Capital to install the largest urban rooftop solar array and first solar car port in the Republic Of Ireland on AIB Bank Centre in Ballsbridge.  See the full Irish Times article here.

What is Part L?

If you built your house recently, you will be familiar with the `Part L’ regulations which is a Technical Guidance Document of the Irish Building Regulations. It focuses primarily on the ‘conservation of fuel and power’ and places emphasis on heat loss through walls, lintels, floors and roofs. The Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) used to measure compliance with these regulations calculates the dwellings’ overall efficiency taking many varying factors into account.

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Power Capital Solar Panels Feature

Solar panels are becoming an increasingly popular option for those who are looking to install renewable energy saving systems in their houses to decrease costs and be more efficient. We are going to line up some of the most common myths about Solar Energy, and explaining why they are just myths.

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Power Capital Solar News Feature

“We are delighted to announce that The Sunday Business Post featured our company Power Capital in an article about our future €120m investment and the growth of Solar Power. We are onwards and upwards! Check out the article here - businesspost.ie/energy-firm-buys-up-20-sites-for-solar-farms

Why should we go Solar? Well, someone says: “To save money”, another: “To increase my property value” or “To protect the environment”. There are many reasons to choose Green Energy; it creates jobs, avoid utility inflation, eliminate electric bills, help the economy, great investment and demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.

But what is Solar Energy exactly? Let`s have a look.

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Thanks for the great mention Independent.ie We were delighted to see our company named:

"Seasoned industry experts like BNRG Renewables, Power Capital and Ameranco have made significant investment in Ireland already and recruited new teams to develop solar in their home country in anticipation of policy support."

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